Residential Elevators & Accessibility Lifts

Space Solutions Inc. has a stair lift, wheel chair lift and variety of elevators for every application. A stair lift or wheel chair lift helps free you from mobility barriers popping up everywhere. You can get a stair lift or wheel chair lift in a variety of models tailored to your budget and needs. With the ability to climb steep angles and even round corners, your stair lift will take you almost anywhere!

Simply put, it’s a matter of convenience. A home elevator makes it easier for people and items to move from floor to floor. Whether you’re carrying groceries to your upstairs kitchen in a waterfront home or heading to the lower level garage in a mountain resort, not having to walk stairs makes your life easier.

It’s also a sound investment. The increase in your home’s value often exceeds the cost of an elevator. It also makes your home ideal for resale to the growing market of older buyers.It fits in any multi-floor home. It uses a quarter of the space of a staircase. It can be designed into new construction or added during renovation. It can be housed in a hoisting way or in an open environment.

Sometimes you just have larger loads to carry up and down stairs. A commercial-grade Dumbwaiter can be installed at counter or floor level.

Whatever the need, we can design it and install it to your satisfaction.

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